born in London in 1987. studied art history.
living in Amsterdam.

dreams, draws, takes photos.
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holds space for Ashtanga Yoga based self-practice at De Lange Adem in Amsterdam Oost on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. 

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// a longer story

i was born in London in 1987 to an American mother and a Dutch father. New Orleans and Amsterdam are places where I have roots - both mysterious, swampy lands lying quite far below the sea where generations have inquired and learned how to keep their heads above water.

i studied art history at the University of Amsterdam which is where i now live and work.

after having been introduced to different forms of yoga and dabbled with them from a young age, 2013 was the first year that i travelled to Mysore to practice and study yoga with Sharath Jois at the Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute, now the Sharath Yoga Centre. i started to teach this method in 2017 and now hold space every morning for a group of people to practice Ashtanga Yoga the way it is taught traditionally in Mysore as a self-practice. please see Delight Yoga if you are interested.

there are also other places, mentors and friends from which i seek guidance. heartfelt thanks to: my mother for leading the way, my father and brothers and to Amanda Marquez, Angela Jamison, Brett Porzio, Carlos Fernandez, Claudia Pradella, Jordan Turner and Vijaya Kumar.    

i draw and take photographs. usually my drawings come out of daydreams and from what i’m contemplating in relation to praxis and studies. the photographs i take are spontaneous captures of places, light, shadow, people and everyday moments by which i have been touched.

i often remember how as a child i would close my eyes and explore the vast, dark space behind them. i would close them pinched tight and watch moving colours appear in that same space as i loosened the grip. it was fascinating to see that form and space could change and what was possible.i could play with it in thought and in daydreams for days. those sensations and explorations were the beginnings of an interest in the things that we can’t always name and don’t always see.

it’s from that place that taking up contemplative practices found resonance in me during my art history studies. i am deeply interested in the potential to understand and accept change and how to find and feel integrity whilst living through the many experiences that go hand in hand with being human.

hopefully both the space i hold for practicing yoga as the drawings i make and the photographs i take capture some form of trust in potential that i carry within me and in turn would like to offer.